Chess Sets




We supply quality chess sets from all over the world.

We stock chess sets made of wood, marble, resins, stone, onyx, metal & pewter.

Below are only a few samples of our chess sets. Please visit our showroom to view a much larger selection of sets.

We display a range of around 40 different sets. Contact us for more details.




$79  Large FOLDING 3 in 1 set ,Screen print board 480mm Square, single weighted men king approx 107mm high. Allot of set for only $79.

Men fit inside folding Board together with counters for Backgammon and Checkers.

$119, Wooden set, Board 355mm square, king 85mm high, men suppied with box to fit men.

$149, Oval chess table with folding legs. note. table is 2nd hand in good condition, board is 520mm diameter,  Chess Men and Box

are not included.



$49.  CHESS BOX.  Great Chess men box.  250mm long, 160mm wide and 115mm deep. Good quality.




ng 100mm

$220 Marble Chess set Large 405mm Square Board King 95mm     OUT OF STOCK

$149 Marble Chess set Small 305mm square Board King 60mm high .  OUT OF STOCK

$128  3 in 1 set. Lift top reverseable Chess, Backgammon board on storage box,  Board 360mm square king 80mm.

Sorry sold out

$149 Chess Box with Men, Beautiful display Box Weighted Quality Chess men King 86mm.

$179 Now $125 - Camelot Resin set - 440 mm square - King 105 mm Out of Stock.







$54 Chess Box with chess men. 86mm King

$220. Marble set,  fossil and black marble, Board 400mm square, king 85mm high. In presentation box. OUT OF STOCK



$795 Large Solid Heavy Games Table Chess ,Checkers, on top,turn over board felted for Cards on underside .Lift out board Backgammon in built into table. drawers each side. 780mm square, 770mm high, 55mm squares. Three PHOTOS



$17. Smaller folding magnetic set. plastic silver and gold. board 250mm square, king 50mm high.

NOW Only $45. large set, Plastic single weighted men 95mm king. Board, screen print aluminium has minor blemishes 440mm square.

$20.Backgammon set, board 470mm square.




$24- Wooden Set Folding Wooden Box  290mm square- King 55mm








$110. Large 453mm Square Chess Board.