Chess Sets




We supply quality chess sets from all over the world.

We stock chess sets made of wood, marble, resins, stone, onyx, metal & pewter.

Below are only a few samples of our chess sets. Please visit our showroom to view a much larger selection of sets.

We display a range of around 40 different sets. Contact us for more details.




$79  Large FOLDING 3 in 1 set ,Screen print board 480mm Square, single weighted men king approx 107mm high. Allot of set for only $79.

Men fit inside folding Board together with counters for Backgammon and Checkers.

$119, Wooden set, Board 355mm square, king 78mm high, men suppied with box to fit men.


$169. Chess Board only.  Large 600mm Square Quality Board.

$349. Chess men only.  Top Quality Large Ebony and Boxwood Men KING is 145mm tall.

$199,  Stylised Staunton wooden weighted chess men, king 102mm high on a large 450mm square board.

$49.  CHESS BOX.  Great Chess men box.  250mm long, 160mm wide and 115mm deep. Good quality. also in a dark gloss finish.

Attractive  Carbon fibre finish lockable box with drawer with 110mm king weighted men in Silver and Titanium finish

Box 500mm square 75mm deep, Excellent finish  $495. A set with a bit of class.

$179,  Marble men on a Wooden board, Men King 105mm NOTE. unfortunately men dropped on a solid floor and there is

a small chip on the white King and both the white rooks, set on a large wooden 450mm square board.( 2nd )

$195 , Men, Box and Board. Quality weighted men king 82mm high set on a 360mm square board together with a wooden Box.


$149 Marble Chess set Small 305mm square Board King 60mm high .  OUT OF STOCK

$128  3 in 1 set. Lift top reverseable Chess, Backgammon board on storage box,  Board 360mm square king 80mm.

Sorry sold out

$149 Chess Box with Men, Beautiful display Box Weighted Quality Chess men King 86mm.

$199.  Quality Wooden weighted Chess Men, King 95mm high on an Acrylic Board 370mm square.


$379. Black and White weighted men king 101mm, large 500mm square board  Black and Erable. Large Attractive Set.

$25, Peg Travel set in box with bag, 150mm square.



$54 Chess Box with chess men. 86mm King

$220. Marble set,  fossil and black marble, Board 400mm square, king 85mm high. In presentation box. OUT OF STOCK


$269 460mm square LEATHER Chess Board with weighted Quality Chess Men, King 95mm high.


$99.  7 in 1 Game Set Box 310mm square, flip top board Chess one side Back Gammon other

also Checkers, Cribbage, Dominoes, Cards and Poker Dice.





$17. Smaller folding magnetic set. plastic silver and gold. board 250mm square, king 50mm high.

NOW Only $35. large set, Plastic single weighted men 95mm king. Board, screen print aluminium has minor blemishes 440mm square.

$20.Backgammon set, board 470mm square.




$24- Wooden Set Folding Wooden Box  290mm square- King 55mm








$110. Large 453mm Square Chess Board.